Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Evening Gown

My latest project is this evening gown... the circumference of the gown I really large.. u wont      believe it if i say it was around 5.5 m!!!! My daughter wished for such a gown some time ago... 
I was searching for a good fabric.. finally I'm relieved that i hav done it at last.....

This is a self-drafted dress. I traced the measurments directly onto the cloth. I cut the bodice, sleeves, collar, skirt, and long stripe. First I cut two pieces for the front bodice as it is like a shirt in its upper part. For the back part,  I cut as usual, but separately {as i previously got the front part}. I have used normal sleeves for this garment. It is a half circle/umbrella skirt . I chose the red color fabric as it is there in the bodice fabric and interface.  I cut the long strip of red cloth {seen in below and right in the following image} for the skirt's bottom.

So, that was the cutting part.. Now coming to the sewing and attaching phase,  I started with sewing the 3 darts on the front, towards the sides & on the back parts.                  

Next I sewed the the button plackets and  attached  red color fabric on the button hole placket  which looked really nice when done.

I stitched  three sides of the collar  with interfacing, after which, I used  binding along three sides of the collar with bodice fabric.            

 Nextly, I joined the shoulders and then attached the finished collar to the neckline.




I added the binding  to the sleeves and attached the sleeves into armhole, then sewed  the sleeve-seams and side-seems of the dress .


At the bottom of the skirt I used double layered red color fabric ,which beautified the entire look of the gown along with increasing the length of the skirt (which was what I intending n the first place ;p)

Lastly I sewed the bodice and skirt pieces together.

And then.... the gown was ready... Yippie!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crochet Applique Top

When I saw  my mother crocheting  this  design for something else, I asked her if Icould use it for a top. Then, i started off with the top. 

I chose this top to be simple, so I thought the crochet pattern would fit it well.

Before cutting the neckline, I attached the pattern to the centre of the part, by hand, with running     stitch.When it appeared perfect to me , I finished it off by giving final touch on the  sewing machine.     

    After attaching the pattern, I cut the neckline.

 To give it more elegance, I sewed the binding on the neckline  by a same colored fabric as the  patttern.
 I used the same fabric for the border of the sleeves and the  bottom.

lastly I joined the back and front parts together and attached the sleeves to bodice piece. and there it is..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kurti / Straight - Cut Kameeze Drafting tutorial

It is easy to make a kurti .Here you can learn how to make a kurti through drafting. 

     Pattern Drafting
     A-B;      C-D                 =              1/4  of  Chest  + 1.5"or 2"
     A-C;      C-D                  =              length  +1 .5" or 1"
     A-E ;      H-I                  =              1/12 of  chest +1/4" 
     A- F                               =              1/2 of shoulder
     B-L;       F-O                 =              1/4 of chest - 1.5 inch.
     A- H                              =               front neck 1/6  
     A- G                              =               back neck  ( the deep of the front and back neck as desired)
     M-N                              =              1/2 inch
     A-P                               =               waist length  ( below the  Breast) ,   

     P-Q                               =               1/4 of waist +1.5" 
     A-R                                =              hip length
     R-S                                =              1/4 of hip +1.5"

     First you mark the shape of armhole "F-M-L". this is back armhole.
     Next take 1/2"   from "M" inside and mark give a shape "N"as in fig front armhole.

    Shoulder drop ( F-J)         =   Mark 1/2"  
    Give a shape and cut along  "D-L-M-F and  J to E".
    You have to cut the back neck  "G-E". and front neck  "H-E" separately
    Back armhole shape "L-M-F" 
    Now Cut the front armhole shape separately that is L ,N,F.            

   A-B ,C-D                            take the same armhole measurement as in kurti or sleeve width +1.5"
   A-C                                     length +  1.5" 
   B -E                                    1/12 of chest  
   K -H                                   inside 1/2".
   C - G                                  half of sleeve round + 1"
   Draw the shape and cut along the outside marking (G -E -K -F)to obtain the shape of the sleeve.
   After getting the shape again you have to cut the front sleeve depth  that is "F-H -E" as front        armhole depth.
   These measurements are including seam allowances.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Kurti Idea...

one more kurti that i sewed just yesterday... purple.. one of my fav colors.. with 3/4 sleeve . 

the design below the neckline... i embroidered it.. the green border is actually modified buttonhole stitch.. there's a mirror in the centre bounded by red colored mirror stitch.. the yellow part is a stitch known as 'kamala stitch' .. yeah.. thats same as my name :).. the red around the yellow is chain stitch..

i hope u liked it.. c u all soon.. till then take gud care of urselves... b'bye everyone...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Some more Kurti designs

Hey everyone! i'm glad i'm back so early.... this tym just to pass my time i sewed these salwar kameez sets.. two different kurtis... 

this first one , the green one, i sewed puff sleeves for it.. i sewed puff sleeves after a really long time... but thank god! i still remember it!

this one is another simple kurti as u can see...

these cotton kurtis are a real comfort in scorching summers.. a great refuge from the hot sun... :) hope u guys liked these...  until my nxt post keep sewing n following me... b'bye......

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Froly Dress

 hello everyone... its been a long time since i posted something.... my daughter had vacations recently and like me she too got herself into sewing in free time... now its her newly found hobby n shes crazy about it.

this time she sewed this frock.. honestly speaking, i just loved it.  the pattern nd everything - she designed it all herself.. good amount of mathematical calculations she has put into making this piece.. She made this out of two old dresses.

This is how it looks....

and the back...

Now, let me tell u how this was made. Let's start with the back. 

She wanted to insert an invisible zip, so she had to take two halves for the back. So each half was again divided into two diagonal halves so as to give the appearance as u see in the photo.


 n now the front piece... it is full of diagonal strips as u can see.. the green n yellow ones alternately arranged.. the diagonal pieces starting from the neck area eased her work of sewing the neckline....

 and this makes the front piece.. onto  some cutting now n then joining the front and back pieces.. this frock is a sleeveless one so u need not worry about sleeves.. the arm border has a red binding , the same thing she applied for the border of the bottom piece also..
 For the bottom part.. its just six pieces of vertical cut cloth arranged in such a way that the green one comes in the centre both back n front... n ther u are ... THE FROCK'S READY!!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Simple Pyjama

pattern drafting;

Hip circumference

pattern making; 
                            Fold the cloth in 4 layers and then you take the measurements.
  a-b, c-d           -      1/4 hip measurement + 5"
a-c,  b-d          -      pajama length + 3.5"
j-k                  -      ankle loose + 1" ( it is loose at the ankle so i have taken the measurment
j-c                  -      folding 1"
a- e                -      waist belt ( double width of the belt ) width + 1/2''
e- j                 -      pajama original  length
b-g                 -      3/4"
f- h                -      crotch/3
the measurements are  including  the stitches.
I have not attached the waist belt separately so my elastic casing is including the pajama measurement which is shown as  marking  'a-e' , if you want to attach the belt separately then you have to take  the length measurement as original length + 1.5 inch ( that is e-c ) and the belt is double the width + 1".  Cut the fabric from bottom to crotch and crotch to g.
The sewing method is same as legging